Thomas Conveyor Company provides every customer with complete conveyor engineering services. Our experienced staff of engineers is available to help you increase profitability, design better or new components and systems, and increase production.  

Conveyor Engineering Services With Fresh Perspective

Our engineers work closely with you, Sales and the manufacturing team. Our unique project management style involves leaders from all phases of the project, from initial design to manufacture. As a result, customers have access to receive fresh perspectives that expose potential problems while implementing a well-designed and cost-effective conveyor system.

New & Redesigned Conveyor Applications

Thomas Conveyor Company’s conveyor engineering services range from consulting with customers on the integrity of a new design to providing customers engineering expertise and custom redesign of existing equipment. Our engineering expertise allows us to quickly determine which conveyor type is best for your application and material-handling requirements. Because Thomas Conveyor designs and builds all types of custom conveyors, customers have more choices. We manufacture screw, drag, and belt conveyors as well as bucket elevators. 
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