Flat Bottom Drag Conveyors

  • Minimal product degradation

  • Bolted replacement bottom section

  • Steel or UHMW flight options

Drag Conveyors

  • Eliminate need for multiple conveyors

  • Ideal for required elevation changes

  • Single bend avoids structural obstacles

Mill Duty
Drag Conveyors

  • Forged chain &paddle options

  • Ideal for heavy &extremely abrasive materials

  • Heat-treated sprockets with optional split design

Round Bottom
Drag Conveyors

  • Transport lightweight, mildly abrasive products

  • Eliminate product degradation

  • Multiple inlets &discharges

Drag Conveyors

  • Eliminate need for multiple conveyors

  • Ideal for required elevation changes

  • Multiple bends avoid structural obstacles

Drag Conveyors

  • Ideal for ash handling systems

  • Dual-chain design

  • Proven shaft seals prevent liquid leakage

Super Duty
Drag Conveyors

  • For high-volume, non-abrasive applications

  • Double-chain &independent take-up design

  • Liners in various materials

Thomas Conveyor Company commands the field in the design and manufacture of drag conveyor systems. Currently we offer a broad line of drag conveyors to meet our customers’ conveying requirements, whether moving grains or heavy abrasive materials such as fly ash. Whether moving products on a horizontal, incline, or vertical plane, we can design and manufacture the right conveyor based upon your unique specifications.

Flat Bottom Drags

Thomas offers Flat Bottom drag conveyor systems  for moving heavy and abrasive materials collectively horizontally or on an incline.
  • Heavy Duty Flat Bottom
  • Mill Duty Flat Bottom
  • Heavy Duty L-Path
  • Heavy Duty S-Path
Our heavy-duty drag conveyors were developed to handle abrasive and heavy materials by combining the features of our flat-bottom drag with special chains, flights, return systems, take-ups, and an especially heavy-duty construction.  Our submerged drags are designed and manufactured to handle bottom ash from industrial boilers and incinerators. Thomas L-path drag conveyors convey free-flowing materials at inclines greater than 20 degrees, up to and including vertically. The L-path drag can handle more abrasive materials when certain features of our heavy-duty drag are added, such as abrasive-resistant liners and forged chains.  These heavy-duty L-path drags operate at slow speeds, thereby extending component life and reducing noise.

Round Bottom Drags

Thomas round bottom drag conveyor systems are ideal for agricultural and other relatively free-flowing non-abrasive materials conveyed horizontally or on an incline. 

Drag conveyors can convey larger loads compared to conventional screw conveyors, and round bottom drag conveyors move materials over greater distances with less material degradation. Round bottom drag conveyors can move materials over greater distances with less material degradation.  Due to its unique flight shape, the round bottom drag incorporates a self-cleaning feature not possible with a conventional screw conveyor.

Benefits of Drag Conveyor Systems

Our drag conveyors feature all of the benefits of screw conveyors, including easy installation, trouble-free maintenance, and dust-tight/weathertight construction. They also use less power per volume of material conveyed than screw conveyors, allowing capacities of 60,000 CFH and drag lengths exceeding 400 feet.