Stock Conveyor Components

Thomas Conveyor is committed to a sustainable inventory of stock screw conveyor components. Our vast inventory of stock CEMA-standard components results in quick turnaround in making one special length screw, trough, and/or cover per individual run of conveyor. That’s just one reason Thomas is a leader in the screw conveyor manufacturing industry.

Easy Duplication & Rapid Turnaround

The benefits of using stock components in a conveyor run include rapid turnaround and straightforward component parts duplication. The use of stock components means less time spent in drafting and planning, as well as speedier manufacture and assembly.

Stock components also make duplication of your run of conveyor or component parts hassle free. Not only are stock conveyor components and systems quicker to produce and easier to duplicate, they are also economical and low maintenance. Multiple configurations and applications from various construction materials make stock conveyor systems a simple solution to your bulk-handling needs.

CEMA Standard Conveyor Components

Stock Conveyor systems can be used in many different applications, from light-duty grain (with gauge-formed top troughs and helicoid screws) to heavy-duty aggregate (with plate angle top troughs and sectional screws).
  • Troughs - Formed Flanged & Angle Flanged
  • Conveyor Screws - Helicoid Flighting & Sectional Flighting
  • Hangar Frames & Bearings - Heavy Duty Style 216 & Style 220
Based on customer need, Thomas has stock conveyor components available in a variety of materials including:
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized in multiple sizes and thicknesses
We stock formed-flange or angle-top troughs; shaftless, helicoid, or sectional screws and plain or flanked covers and dischargers, with or without slide gates, to accommodate any customer specifications.

We have multiple hangar styles, bearings of all types, and 2-and 3-bold drive, coupling, and tail shafts available to fit any job. These conveyors are generally used in control-fed horizontal applications but can be fit to accommodate other applications quite easily.