Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators

  • Ideal for free-flowing, mildly abrasive products

  • Offered in a chain or belt type

  • Available with a head or tail take-up system

Continuous Discharge Bucket Elevators

  • Ideal for heavy, sluggish, and abrasive products

  • Offered in a chain or belt type

  • Available with a head or tail take-up system

High Speed Grain Bucket Elevators

  • Economical option for handling grains and similar free-flowing products

  • Constructed with either double-leg or single-leg housing

Mill Duty Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators

  • Heavy-duty construction for demanding service

  • Available in either chain or belt types

  • Belt types can include a single or a double row of buckets

Super Capacity Continuous Bucket Elevators

  • Buckets supported between two chain rows

  • Offered for larger capacities and the most severe applications

Thomas Conveyor offers a diverse selection of industrial duty and “mill” duty bucket elevator systems, ranging from high-speed centrifugal belt elevators to super-capacity double-strand-chain continuous discharge elevators. In addition to bucket elevators, Thomas engineers conveyors that feed into and from any bucket elevator system. As a result, Thomas customers are assured that each conveyor system will fit and work together avoiding system overloading and ensuring seamless product transition.

Two Types of Bucket Elevators

Thomas offers two types of industrial-duty bucket elevators, Centrifugal and Continuous Discharge.

Centrifugal Bucket Elevator Systems

Centrifugal elevators rely on centrifugal force to "throw" the product from the buckets. These elevators are typically used for elevating relatively dry, free-flowing materials with small-to-medium-sized lumps. The product can be mildly, moderately, or severely abrasive. Thomas Conveyor manufactures a wide variety of centrifugal bucket elevators, available in belt and chain configurations, including:
  • Industrial Centrifugal Elevator
  • High Speed Grain
  • Mill Duty
  • Double Row Mill Duty

Continuous Bucket Elevator Systems

Unlike centrifugal elevators, continuous elevators run at much lower speeds, allowing the product to escape the buckets. The product is discharged by sliding off the back side of the preceding bucket. These bucket elevator systems are typically used for elevating dry, free-flowing, or sluggish materials with medium-to-large-sized lumps. The following continuous bucket elevators are offered in both chain and belt type versions:

  • Industrial Grade Continuous Elevator
  • Super Capacity


Buckets are available in plastic, malleable iron, and fabricated options. For efficient bucket filling and discharging, venting is also an option. Thomas bucket elevator systems are manufactured in various material types and densities, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Lined head and boot sections can be added to extend the life of any bucket system. In addition to the bucket elevator itself, we offer these accessories:
  • Head service platforms
  • Intermediate rest platforms
  • Ladders
  • Safety cages
We can accommodate any backstop, drive configurations, and/or brand that best fits your inventory or purchasing requirements.