Thomas Conveyor designs and manufactures all types of custom systems for material handling. We've been manufacturing conveyor systems in Texas for over 60 years. Whether you're looking for a custom-designed solution or stock conveyor components, we can help.

Our services extend beyond the delivery of your conveyor system.

During the Quoting Process

We offer on-site surveys and inspections to ensure the systems we are quoting will meet your unique application requirements. We also offer storeroom and inventory surveys to make every effort to design systems that allow for inventory efficiencies.

During the Manufacturing Process

Most orders include approval drawings to ensure your expectations are met and any space constraints are considered and dispatched before we begin manufacturing.

We offer technical support to better ensure system-to-system compatibility, whether mating systems are supplied together or matching a new system to one already in production. We can buy drive and other buy-out items, or the customer may wish to buy items directly and have them drop shipped to our manufacturing facility.

After Delivery

To help avoid future downtime, Thomas compiles a recommended list of those most critical spare parts for the system you have purchased. 

As a member of CEMA we provide our customers additional equipment safety stickers as well as the most current safety literature and best-practice procedures.

We offer on-site training to assist your maintenance, production, and engineering personnel with 
practical solutions to help identify and avoid failures and excessive wear issues with your bulk-handling equipment.